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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - Deployment Guide

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Step 1: Gather directory information

Begin by gathering and analyzing the following information from every Active Directory forest that will participate in synchronization:

Objects to be synchronized

Contact the appropriate people in each forest to be synchronized and obtain the following information:

This information allows you to estimate the initial synchronization time and helps you to design collections of objects.

Conflict resolution information

A conflict occurs when two or more objects from different forests have the same email address. Most conflicts are due to manually created contacts pointing to users in other forests. To avoid problems, you need to analyze information about the objects from all forests participating in Collaboration Services synchronization and then configure Collaboration Services to resolve conflicts automatically.

An administrator in each forest should gather and analyze data on the following attributes of all mail or mailbox-enabled users, groups, and contacts:

Step 2: Plan conflict resolution

After you have information from all the forests, you can analyze it to plan conflict resolution.

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