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On Demand Global Settings Current - User Guide

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Configuring notification recipients

In the main panel, click Notifications in the menu bar.
In the Set the recipients text box, enter the email address for a recipient and click Add.
Click Save.


This section contains the following topics.

Subscription details

The Subscriptions page contains the details of your current subscriptions.

Managing subscriptions

On Demand subscriptions are associated with an email address.

To activate a subscription, you must add the email address of the subscription owner to the Subscription Owner list.

Subscription expiry

To prevent loss of data, subscription expiry takes place in stages.

Subscription details

Click the module name to see information about product subscription details and pricing as well as links to Quest sales support.

The On Demand subscription information is grouped by modules such as Audit, Group Management, License Management, Migration, and Recovery. Modules can offer separate licenses for specific features.


Feature name

A feature is the smallest subscription unit. Features can be bundled into Standard, Professional, and Advanced offerings.

Subscription Type

Standard, Professional, or Advanced

The organization has purchased a subscription to features offered by this module. The specific subscription type depends on the number of features purchased.


The organization has subscribed to a trial license. Module features may be limited.

Note: When moving from Trial to Paid, the user associated with the paid subscription must be an organization administrator. See Changing Owner When Moving from Trial to Paid Subscription.

Technical Preview

The organization has subscribed to a technical preview license. Module features may be limited.

Not subscribed

The organization is not subscribed to this module.


Current status

Shows whether the subscription is active, inactive, expired, expiring soon, and so on.

Expiry Date


The date on which the subscription will expire. See Subscription expiry.

Rate Plan


A set number of licenses have been purchased.


The organization is billed for licenses as they are consumed.



The number of licenses purchased (∞ if the Rate Plan is Overage).



The number of licenses currently consumed.

Managing subscriptions

On Demand subscriptions are associated with the email address that was used to purchase the subscription. All valid email address formats are supported. The email address does not need to be associated with a Quest account to activate a subscription; the email address of the subscription owner must be added to the Subscription Owners list on the Settings |Subscriptions | Shared Subscriptions page. A subscription owner can share subscriptions with multiple organizations.

Adding a subscription owner to the Subscription Owners list does not add the user to the organization. A subscription owner does not have sign-in capability or any other permission settings. To add a user to an organization, see Adding users to an organization.

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