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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.11 - User Guide

Connecting to SharePoint Site or Site Collections Copyright Tool Overview
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ApplyPolicyGroup Paramters

The following are parameters for the -cmd applyPolicyGroup command

Using this command you can use a Policy Group with a resource

-policygroup [path]

path to the .pack file


Essentials -cmd applyPolicyGroup -srcfolder "/Developer/Examples/Resource" -rulespack "C:/Developer/Java/runtime-mp/.metadata/governanceDataStore/packs/example.rule.pack.pack"

Essentials -cmd applyPolicyGroup -srcsite "http://host/site"  -srclist "List name" -srcuser DOMAIN\user -srcpass password -rulespack "/Developer/Java/runtime-mp/.metadata/governanceDataStore/packs/copy.doc.files.pacl.pack"

CopyWorkflows Parameters

The following are parameters for the -cmd CopyWorkflows command

Using this command you can copy Workflows

-usermapping [path]

path to the CSV file with users mapping to the copy operation


also copy the Workflows of Subsite


also copy the Workflows of Lists


convert to Workflow 2013 Platform


Essentials -cmd copyworkflows -srcsite http://host/site -srcuser DOMAIN\user -srcpass passwd -trgtsite http://host/site2 -trgtuser DOMAIN\user -trgtpass passwd -usermapping path/file.csv -convert

Essentials -cmd copyworkflows -srcsite http://host/site -srclist SourceList -srcuser DOMAIN\user -srcpass passwd -trgtsite http://host/site2 -trgtlist TargetList -trgtuser DOMAIN\user -trgtpass passwd

CollectStatistics Parameters

The following are parameters for the -cmd CollectStatistics command

Using this command you collect statistics for a site or onedrive.


define this parameter if you want to scan onedrives

-fileScan [path]

specify this parameter if you want to scan specific onedrive files in the tenant.

SPPreMigration Parameters

The following are parameters for the -cmd SPPreMigration command

Using this command you can create a SharePoint Pre-migration Analysis Report


specifies XLS file


include site section


include site templates


include site features


include site web parts


include list section


include content section


include master pages section


include custom master pages section


include all items in the report


include subsites

-conditions {[condition][operator][value]}

conditions items


Essentials -cmd spPreMigration -srcsite "http://host/site" -srcuser DOMAIN\user -srcpass password -trgtsite http://host/site2 -trgtuser DOMAIN\user -trgtpass passwd -xlsFile "path/file.xlsx" -analyzesites -addtemplates -addfeatures -addwebparts -addlist -addcontent -includesubsites -detailedReporting -conditions "ITEMS-COUNT 1 < 100" "FILE-SIZE 1 < 1" "FILE-PATH-LENGTH 2 < 125" "FILE-SIZE 2 < 2" "FILE-EXT 2 = rar,txt,pdf" "FILE-SIZE 2 < 2" "FILE-PATH-LENGTH 2 < 125" "FILE-EXT 2 = rar,txt,pdf" -log output.xml -noSplash

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