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Stat 6.3 - User Guide

Introduction to Stat Connecting to Stat Change/Service Requests Stat Consoles Tasks and Time Entries Stat Projects Search Engines Reports and Graphs Personal Rules Object Tools and Wizards Change Management for PeopleSoft
Object Management (PeopleSoft) Object Archives (PeopleSoft) Object Migrations (PeopleSoft)
Change Management for Oracle Applications
Object Management (Oracle Applications) Patch Management Object Archives (Oracle Applications) Object Migrations (Oracle Applications)
Change Management for Generic Applications
Object Management (Generic Applications) Object Archives (Generic Applications) Object Migrations (Generic Applications)
Appendix: Troubleshooting Chart Appendix: Migration Options Appendix: User-Specific Parameters Appendix: Supported PeopleSoft Proprietary Objects Appendix: Stat Reports

Change/Service Requests

Opening a CSR

A Change/Service Request, or CSR, is basically a change request documented, managed, and resolved in Quest® Stat®. The request itself can be for anything from issue tracking to complex object migrations across multiple environments. But regardless of its complexity, every change request is handled in a separate CSR window, which serves as a central location in which to compile all the information related to the request, as well as manage all the steps taken to resolve it. Most of the user activity in Stat takes place in CSR windows.

When working to resolve a service request or problem, the first step is to open a CSR. If this request is not already documented, you need to create a new CSR.

New CSRs

You can create a new Change/Service Request (CSR) in either a blank CSR window, or you can use a CSR template if you created one previously for the service domain in which you are working. CSR templates are personalized default settings that save time by populating certain fields in a CSR window with predefined values. For more information, see Creating CSR Templates .

If you want to create a new CSR, select File | New CSR From Blank and choose the desired Service Domain. or click the Open New CSR from Blank button on the Stat toolbar.
If you want to create a new CSR using a CSR template, select File | New CSR From Template, or click the Open New CSR from Template button on the Stat toolbar.

Opening an Existing CSR

Select File | Open CSR, or click the Open Existing CSR button on the toolbar.
Stat opens the Search CSR window, which locates CSRs according to specified search criteria.
In the Support Console window, select the desired CSR and click Open CSR. The Support Console window is discussed in greater detail in the next chapter, Stat Consoles .
If you opened the CSR recently before, select File | Recent. Then on the submenu select the CSR. The submenu lists the last 10 opened CSRs.
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