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Stat 6.3 - User Guide

Introduction to Stat Connecting to Stat Change/Service Requests Stat Consoles Tasks and Time Entries Stat Projects Search Engines Reports and Graphs Personal Rules Object Tools and Wizards Change Management for PeopleSoft
Object Management (PeopleSoft) Object Archives (PeopleSoft) Object Migrations (PeopleSoft)
Change Management for Oracle Applications
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Change Management for Generic Applications
Object Management (Generic Applications) Object Archives (Generic Applications) Object Migrations (Generic Applications)
Appendix: Troubleshooting Chart Appendix: Migration Options Appendix: User-Specific Parameters Appendix: Supported PeopleSoft Proprietary Objects Appendix: Stat Reports

Customizing the Support Console

You can customize the Support Console to meet your particular needs. Clicking Setup on the console opens the Personal Configuration window. From here you can:

The Personal Configuration window contains four tabs: CSR Lists, List Options, Scheduled Reports, and Personal Rules.

The CSR Lists Tab

From here you can add, remove, or change the display order of tabs in an existing list group or create new list groups.

From here you can create an unlimited number of list groups.

The new list group is displayed in the Group field on the CSR List tab.
In the Available Lists field, click on the arrow and select the tab list containing the tab or tabs you want to add.
In the Group field, select the list group you want.
In the Available Lists field, select the type of list you want. If you want to see all the available lists, select All Lists from the drop down menu.
The tab is moved to the Group field and the icon changes to a tab folder to indicate that it is a personal tab.
Select the tab you want to remove and click <<Remove, or drag the tab from the right column and drop it in the left column.

The List Options Tab

This tab lets you customize the appearance and behavior of the tabs.

When working in the console, if you position your mouse over a tab, a pop-up window appears displaying the entire name of the tab. You can disable this capability by deselecting Show Tab Tips.

Each tab can be displayed with or without an icon. Icons are visual clues that help you recognize the tab type. For example, user tabs are preceded by an icon of a human face, whereas tasks are preceded by a checkmark icon. Deselecting the Show Tab Pictures removes the icons from the tabs.

If this item is selected, the tabs “wrap” to show all of the tabs in the window, using multiple rows if necessary. If deselected, there is one row of tabs. If additional tabs exist that are not displayed on the row, a set of scrolling arrows appears.

This option truncates long tab labels to a specified number of characters. For example, if set to 20, the label “Department of Fiscal Responsibility” appears as “Department of Fiscal....” Use the scroll buttons to increase or decrease this value.

This setting controls how often Stat alerts you of changes to CSRs, tasks, and projects. The minimum and maximum allowable settings are defined by your system administrator.

Migration Console

The Migration Console displays information regarding past, present, scheduled, and planned migrations. The console initially displays only the migrations initiated by the user logged in to Stat, but you can expand the list to see migrations performed by all users.

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