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Stat 6.3 - User Guide

Introduction to Stat Connecting to Stat Change/Service Requests Stat Consoles Tasks and Time Entries Stat Projects Search Engines Reports and Graphs Personal Rules Object Tools and Wizards Change Management for PeopleSoft
Object Management (PeopleSoft) Object Archives (PeopleSoft) Object Migrations (PeopleSoft)
Change Management for Oracle Applications
Object Management (Oracle Applications) Patch Management Object Archives (Oracle Applications) Object Migrations (Oracle Applications)
Change Management for Generic Applications
Object Management (Generic Applications) Object Archives (Generic Applications) Object Migrations (Generic Applications)
Appendix: Troubleshooting Chart Appendix: Migration Options Appendix: User-Specific Parameters Appendix: Supported PeopleSoft Proprietary Objects Appendix: Stat Reports


Depending on the service domain and your assigned user class, you may not have access to certain menu options. The following tables provide a brief description of the menu options available to users who have basic change control rights, such as editing and creating Change/Service Requests (CSRs), locking objects, and creating archive sets.

File Menu

The items on the File menu are used for navigation and performing actions such as opening, finding, closing, and saving Change/Service Requests (CSRs) and Projects. Other options available include Toolbars and Print Configuration.

New CSR |
From Template,
From Blank

Opens a new Change/Service Request window. If from a template, Quest® Stat® populates certain fields in the window with data values that you predefined for the selected service domain. If from blank, it opens a blank CSR window.

New Project

Opens a new Project window where you can create a new project

Open CSR...

Opens the Search CSR Engine which you can use to locate a specific CSR by number, customer, open date, or department

Open Project...

Opens the Search Project Engine window where you can open any currently saved project


Saves any changes made to the Stat database

Save CSR as Template

Sets the values displayed in certain fields of the active CSR window as your personalized default values for new CSRS created in the same service domain


Closes the active window

Recent |

Displays a submenu listing all CSRs that have been opened during the current session. To reopen a CSR, select it from the submenu.


Prints the contents of the active window

Print Setup

Opens the Print Setup window

Mail CSR...

Opens the Send Mail window where you specify the types of CSR information you want to include in an email message sent by the Stat Central Agent. This option is only available when a CSR is open.


Opens the Toolbars window where you can change the position and other properties of the Stat toolbar

Log Off

Closes Stat without prompting you to save


Closes Stat after prompting you to save your work

Maintenance Menu

The Maintenance menu allows access to Quest® Stat® configuration tables. Your security level determines the items you can access on this menu. Please refer to the Stat System Administration Guide for a list of items.

Consoles Menu

Consoles in Quest® Stat® are work areas. There are three consoles which you can open via the Consoles menu.

Support Console

Opens the Support Console window

Oracle Applications Console

Opens the Oracle Applications Management Console

Migration Console

Opens the Migration Console window

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