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Stat 6.3 - System Administration Guide

Overview of Stat Administration Administrative Utilities Stat Security General Maintenance Tables
System Maintenance Service Domain Maintenance Department Maintenance Issue Tracking Maintenance Country Maintenance Customer Maintenance Object Type Maintenance PeopleSoft Environment Connection Maintenance Pre/Post Migration Steps Parameters Oracle Applications Configuration Oracle Applications Connection Maintenance Generic Application Connection Maintenance Schema Object Parameters Maintenance Data Object Maintenance PeopleSoft Search Configurations Stat Report Definition Maintenance Version Control Management Connection Maintenance
Service Domain-Specific Maintenance Configuring the Stat Central Agent Email Configuration Object Security Appendix: Sample Service Domain Configuration Appendix: User Class Rights Appendix: Creating a Staging Database Appendix: Database Tuning Appendix: Oracle Applications File Type Directory Appendix: Ports and Firewalls Appendix: REST Web Services API Appendix: SOAP-Based Web Services API Appendix: Troubleshooting Chart Appendix: stat.conf Configuration Appendix: Custom Report Files

Accessing the Job Monitor

Click Log in or press <Enter>.

Schedule Tab

The Schedule tab shows all the jobs scheduled for the current 24 hour period that have yet to be processed. Because jobs can be scheduled to run at particular hour and minute intervals during the day, any jobs that already have been processed are not shown. Also, whenever you refresh the web page, jobs that were scheduled to be processed since the last time you refreshed are removed from view.

The job schedule is defined in the Jobs Maintenance table located in the Stat Windows Client, but from here you can configure the Stat Central Agent to skip selected jobs. If you do not want the Stat Central Agent to process any of the jobs that it is scheduled to perform, select the job(s) and click Skip Selected. An icon appears next to the job indicating that it will be skipped.

Jobs Tab

The Jobs tab displays a list of all the jobs that have been defined for the Stat Central Agent. The Agent processes the jobs according to the schedule defined in the Jobs Maintenance table, but from here you can manually run the jobs you want.

Click Run Selected.

Logs Tab

Each time a serious or potentially serious error is encountered by the Stat Central Agent, it logs the error to the database. The Logs tab provides you with a list of error logs generated by Stat Central Agent for the current day.

For each error log, the tab displays the date and time it was entered, as well as the job’s service domain, ID number, class, description, and status. To view an error log, click on the job description. This opens a message box containing detailed information about the error.

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