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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - User Guide

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Mark and Unmark All Jobs

The image\I_BlackCheckmark.gif black checkmark is used to indicate that the job is marked; any appended symbol is removed to indicate that the job is unmarked in the SQL Scanner window.

To mark or unmark all Jobs

Select Group | Mark All [Ctrl + M] or select Group | Unmark All [Ctrl + U].


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Move or Copy Jobs to Other Group

To move or copy Jobs in the SQL Scanner to another Group

  1. Mark the Jobs to be moved or copied.

  2. Select Group | Move to Other Group or select Group | Copy to Other Group.

  3. Select Group where the Jobs are being moved or copied from the list.

  4. Click OK.


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Switch Database and User

To change the database used to scan a particular Job in the SQL Scanner window

  1. Right-click the job and select Use Database.

  2. Select the database name.

To change the user used to scan a particular Job in the SQL Scanner window

  1. Right-click the job and select Set User.

  2. Select the user name.


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Modify a Job

To modify a Job in the SQL Scanner window

Right-click and select Modify.

The Modify Job dialog field allows you to do the following:

  • Modify Job description

  • Change the file type

  • Eliminate duplicate SQL while scanning.

When modifications are made to a Job, it must be rescanned.


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