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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - User Guide

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Index Usage Analyzer Window

Index Usage Analyzer Window

The Index Usage Analyzer window displays the information about the SQL statements that are saved in the Index Usage Analyzer. The display in the right section of the window depends on what is selected in the left pane.

Left pane - Analyzer List

Always displays a tree diagram of the Analyses and the folders they are stored in.

Right Pane

The right pane displays a variety of different information depending upon what is selected from the tree diagram in the left pane.

You can display information for the following:


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Right Pane for Analyzers

In the Index Usage Analyzer window, when an Analyzer is selected in the left pane, the following information displays in the right pane.

Index Usage Chart [Top right pane]

Displays the total number of indexes in the tables used in all the selected SQL statements and the number of used and unused indexes. Charts the percentage of the indexes that are used by the query plans for the selected SQL statements.

Analysis Information [Bottom right pane]

The detailed information about the Analysis displays in the button pages. The buttons for displaying specific information are found at the top of this pane.

Properties button

Displays general information about the analysis, information on the connection used to retrieve the query plans and the SQL statements used in the analysis.

Index Summary button

Displays the indexes that are used by the selected SQL statements in black text and highlights in red the indexes that are not used. Use the Right-click menu to Save the list of indexes or Drop Index.


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Right Pane for Tables Analyzed

In the Index Usage Analyzer window, when the Tables Analyzed is selected in the left pane, the following information displays in the right pane.

Summary button

Provides a summary of the use of indexes for each table. It gives the total number of SQL that use the table and if the SQL statement accesses the table with a full table scan or uses an index to access the table.

Chart button

Charts the number of SQL statements that use the table.


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