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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - User Guide

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Modify a Configuration Scenario

You can only modify the Scenario name and description of the Scenario.

To modify a Configuration Scenario

  1. Select the Scenario name you want to modify from the left pane.
  2. Right-click and select Modify to open the Modify Scenario window.
  3. Modify the name and/or description.


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Configuration Analyzer Functions

Below is a list of available functions within the Configuration Analyzer window.




Right-click Menu

New Analysis/Abort Analysis Create a Configuration Analysis

Right-click Menu

Add Folder


Right-click Menu

Add Scenario

Add a Scenario

Right-click Menu


Add SQL to a Configuration Analysis

Right-click Menu


Regenerate a Configuration Scenario

Right-click Menu


Modify a Configuration Analysis

Right-click Menu


Rename a Configuration Analysis or Scenario

Right-click Menu


Delete a Configuration Analysis or Scenario

Right-click Menu

Go To Undo Changes

Rollback Changes to Configuration Parameters

Right-click Menu

Confirm Changes

Rollback Changes to Configuration Parameters

View Menu

Last Configuration Analysis Details

View Configuration Analysis Details


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Migration Analyzer

Migration Analyzer Overview

The Migration Analyzer evaluates the effect on SQL performance when migrating to another database or Adaptive Server version. It enables you to analyze whether the SQL performance is going to improve or degrade by simply making a connection to the new database and viewing how query plan information will change for your selected SQL statements without physically having to execute the database applications in the new Adaptive Server version. The Migration Analyzer compares the query plans from the current database to the query plans that are retrieved from the destination Adaptive Server instance during the Migration analysis to project performance improvement or degradation.


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