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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - User Guide

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Quick Find

The Quick Find search function searches for the text that is highlighted and moves the line containing the search string to the top of the text pane.

To search with Quick Find

With text highlighted in the active window, select Search | Quick Find [Ctrl + Alt + F]


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The Find search function brings up the Find Text window where you can select the search criteria.

To search with Find

Select Search | Find [Ctrl + F]

The search is refined using the following settings:


  • Case sensitive
  • Searches for the text in exact case that you enter it.
  • Whole word only
  • Searches for words only, or in other words, searches for a text string that is preceded and followed by a space or punctuation mark.
  • Regular expression
  • Specify whether to recognize regular expressions in the search string.


  • Global
  • Searches the entire text pane.
  • Selected text
  • Searches only the highlighted text.


  • Forward
  • Searches from the cursor to the end of the text pane.
  • Backward
  • Searches from the cursor to the top of the text pane.


  • From cursor
  • Searches from the cursor either forward or backward depending on the Direction setting.
  • Entire scope
  • Searches the entire text pane. If the Direction setting is forward, it starts at the top of the pane. If the Direction setting is backward, it starts at the bottom of the pane.


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Find Next

The Quick Find search function finds the next occurrence of the text search string that was previously searched for. The function is not available until after you have done an initial search.

To search with Find Next

Select Search | Find Next [F3]


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The Replace search function brings up the Replace Text window where you can enter

To replace text

Select Search | Replace [Ctrl + Alt + R]


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