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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - User Guide

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Introduction to SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE

Quest SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE enables IT professionals to analyze, predict, preempt, diagnose, optimize and manage performance changes to ensure that mission-critical business applications run optimally. It maximizes application performance by focusing on those database factors that contribute up to 90% of performance problems: SQL statements, indexes, and database changes. Quest SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE allows for the management and prediction of performance changes; therefore, changes that will affect the database environment can be managed with the highest degree of certainty. It is the optimal performance change management solution for production and quality assurance teams.

SQL Optimizer has the following main modules and functionality:

Performance Diagnostics

Performance Optimization

Performance Management

Database Administration




New in This Release

Quest SQL Optimizer for SAP® ASE 3.9.1 is a patch release containing bug fixes and enhancements.

Database Versions Supported

Adaptive Server 15.0 or later is supported.


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