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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.11 - User Guide

Spotlight on SAP ASE
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Spotlight menus

Spotlight on IBM® DB2® LUW menus

You can use menus to access the functions of Spotlight on IBM® DB2® LUW (Linux, UNIX, and Windows). There are two different types of menus:

  • Standard menus displayed via the menu bar on the Spotlight console.

The standard menus available in Spotlight on IBM® DB2® LUW are also those that are common to all Spotlight applications. (Undefined variable: CommonVariables.for_more_info) the Spotlight menus topic in Spotlight basics help.

  • Shortcut menus displayed when you right-click an object in a Spotlight home page or in a drilldown.

Most shortcut menus in Spotlight on IBM® DB2® LUW, and most of the options within those menus, are also those that are common to all Spotlight applications.

Selecting commands from a menu

You can select a command from a menu by typing the letter that is underlined in the command name. For example, to connect to a system, press the letter O when the File menu is displayed. If the menu is not visible you can type the File menu access key ( ALT+F ) and then press O.

Some commands also have a shortcut key. If you use shortcut keys, you do not have to display the menu first.

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