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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.11 - User Guide

Spotlight on SAP ASE
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About Spotlight Grids

A table or grid shows values in tabular form. The grid component is used in Spotlight alarms and drilldowns.

Actions common to Spotlight grids


  • Not all items are available with all grids.
  • If not all the grid can be seen all at the one time then scroll bars allow you to choose the visible portion.
Click Description
Find Text
Alarms: Alarm Filters.
Tree View
Select Multiple Rows
Select Multiple Rows
Save To File
Copy To Clipboard
Show, Hide & Order Columns
  Sort the Grid
Right click the table body and select What's This? View help specific to the gird.
Right click the table body and select Print Print
Right click the table body and select Restore Default Settings Restore Default Settings
Right click the table body and select View as Chart. View the data in a Spotlight chart. About Spotlight Charts
Right click the table body and select Properties. Freeze the first column or word-wrap text. Grid Properties - Options Page
If the diagnostic server is unable to collect the data required, Spotlight displays a small icon on the affected component. Click the icon to see more information about the problem.
  Pause / Resume / Refresh


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Find Text

To find a specified string of text in a Spotlight grid

  1. Open the Find dialog.

    Toolbar Menu Shortcut
    Click Right click the grid data and

    select Find.

  2. Use the controls:

    Control Description

    Text to find

    Enter or paste in the text you want to find.

    Match case

    Select to match the case of the text exactly. When selected a search for the string AbC will not find the string abc.

    Match entire cell contents

    Select to match the contents of the table cell exactly. When selected a search for the string Spot will not find the string Spotlight.


    Search upwards from the current location then stop.


    Search downwards from the current location then stop.

    Search all columns

    Search all columns of the table.

    Search selected column only

    Search only the highlighted column.

    Find next

    Find the next occurrence of the text in the grid.

Note: The Find function may be of limited use in dynamic columns (Elapsed time is one example) whose values are continually updated.


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Sort The Grid

To sort the grid according to the contents of a column

Click the column header. An arrow appears to the right of the header  .


  • The arrow points down when the column is sorted in descending order, up when the column is sorted in ascending order.
  • Click the arrow to alternate ascending / descending order.
  • Click a different header to select a different column to sort by.
  • To sort by a column that is hidden, right-click the header row and select Arrange by | column name .

To sort the grid according to the contents of multiple columns

Keep the SHIFT key depressed when sorting by the second or later column.

For example, to sort the grid in the Alarm Log page by severity and then, within that sort, by action:

  1. Click the Severity header.
  2. While keeping the SHIFT key depressed, click the Action header.


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Tree View

The first column in a Spotlight grid may show data as a simple text string or (if available) a hierarchical tree structure.

Simple Text String Hierarchical Tree Structure (Tree view)

Note: When you sort a table in tree view, the table is sorted first according to the highest level in the tree. The individual branches and sub-branches of the tree are sorted separately in the same order. Sort the Grid

Tree View in Drilldowns Tree View in Alarm Pages

to toggle Tree View on or off.

Drilldown grids with this button on their toolbar can be viewed as a simple text string or a hierarchical tree structure.

Alarm pages Spotlight Today and Alarms by Time are displayed in a tree structure when Group By Connection or Group By Alarm is applied .

To manage the Tree View display, right click on the grid content and select Collapse or Expand.


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