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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.11 - User Guide

Spotlight on SAP ASE
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Spotlight Navigation

Return to the previous page or drilldown in the browse sequence

Click the down arrow to select the page to return to.

Note: Back is disabled at the start of the browse sequence.

Toolbar Menu Shortcut

Click View | Back.


View the next page or drilldown in the browse sequence

Click the down arrow to select the page to go to.

Note: Forward is disabled at the end of the browse sequence.

Toolbar Menu Shortcut

Click View | Forward.

Press Alt+Right

Return to the Spotlight home page

Toolbar Menu Shortcut

Click View | Close Drilldown.


Pause / Resume / Refresh

Pause monitoring the current Spotlight connection. Spotlight stops retrieving data from the connection. The Spotlight home page and drilldowns for the connection are not updated. Use the Resume command to resume monitoring the Spotlight connection. While the connection is paused, use Refresh to update the current window display.


  • Any actions that are in progress when you pause Spotlight are allowed to complete. No further actions are performed until you resume Spotlight's collection of data.
  • Pausing may affect Calibration. If calibration is in progress when the pause is started, it continues to run. The calibration finishes at the time it was originally set to finish. (It is not delayed by the Pause command.)
  • Pausing may affect drilldowns. Any drilldown that gathers information when it is started is affected by the Pause command.

To Pause Spotlight

Toolbar Menu Shortcut

Click View | Pause.


To Resume Spotlight

Toolbar Menu Shortcut

Click View | Resume.


To Refresh (update) the current Spotlight window

Use while Spotlight is paused to refresh the current window manually.

Toolbar Menu Shortcut

Click View | Refresh.

Press F5.

Note: Alarms raised during refresh may be included in historical snapshots, depending on snapshot preferences.


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Spotlight Favorites

Add frequently viewed pages and connections to the favorites menu.

To view a favorite

View a page you have added to the favorites menu.

  1. Select Favorites.
  2. Select the favorite.

Note: The favorite may be in a folder as per how you have organized your favorites. The display name of the favorite is a name of your choosing.

To add a favorite

  1. Navigate to the page you want to add to favorites.
  2. Select Favorites | Add to Favorites.
  3. How do you want the page to appear in the Favorites list?




    Give a display name to the favorite.

    Save the current connection as part of the favorite

    Select when the same display name is used for favorite pages for different connections.

    Create in

    Select the folder to put the new favorite into.

    Tip: Click New folder... to create a new folder to save the favorite in.

To organize favorites

  1. Select Favorites | Organize Favorites.
  2. Click and drag entries in the Favorites list to rearrange them.


  • Select an item then click Delete, Rename or Move to… another location in the favorites list.
  • Click New folder… to create a new folder to organize the favorites in.

Spotlight Slideshow

Spotlight, Slideshow cycles through the current page of Spotlight's live connections.

Select View | Slideshow.

Note: You can configure Spotlight to start slideshow mode when you are not actively using the application. Slideshow

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