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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.11 - User Guide

Spotlight on SAP ASE
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Show, Hide & Order Columns

To hide a column

Right-click the column header and select Hide Column.

To reorder a column

Click-and-drag the column header to its new location.

To open the Column Organizer

Use the column organizer to show or hide columns and choose the order in which to display columns.

Right - click the grid header row and select Organize columns

Control Description

Available columns

Hidden columns.

Selected columns

Visible columns in the order they appear in the grid.


Adds the columns selected in Available columns to the Selected columns list.

Add All

Adds all columns in the Available columns list to the Selected columns list.


Moves the columns selected in the Selected columns list to the Available columns list.

Remove All

Moves all columns in the Selected columns list to the Available columns list.

Move Up

Moves the selected columns in the Available columns list further up the list.

Move Down

Moves the selected columns in the Available columns list further down the list.

Tip: To choose multiple columns in the Available columns and Selected columns lists, use the shortcut key combinations CTRL+click or SHIFT+click.


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Select Multiple Rows

On grids with the Select All and Clear All buttons you can select multiple rows in the grid.

Click To do this...
Select all rows
Clear all rows
CTRL + click Select several individual rows (or clear rows already selected)
SHIFT + click Select a range of rows


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Grid Properties - Options Page

To freeze the first column

When selected the first column will remain visible while you scroll through the columns of the table:

Right-click the grid header and select Freeze First column.

To word-wrap text

By default, Spotlight truncates text that is too long to fit in the space allocated to the column. To allow text to wrap onto multiple lines:

  1. Right-click the data content of the grid and select Properties | Options.
  2. Select Allow text to word-wrap onto multiple lines if it is wider than the column


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Home Page Components

Spotlight Basics describes how Spotlight applications work. It contains these sections:



Spotlight Connections

Create / Modify / Delete connections to systems, and monitor those systems.

Monitor Spotlight Connections Monitor connections, detect alarms, investigate the cause of alarms.

Alarms are the warnings that Spotlight raises when a metric falls outside its "normal" range of values.

Charts, Grids and Home Page Components Spotlight displays provide detailed statistics of the monitored system, relevant to diagnosing the cause of alarms. Make the best use of them.
View | Options Customize Spotlight.
Troubleshooting Solve problems using Spotlight.
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