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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.11 - User Guide

Spotlight on SAP ASE
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Spotlight on SAP ASE

Background Information

What is Spotlight® on SAP ASE?

About Spotlight® on SAP ASE

Spotlight® on SAP ASE is a Quest powerful diagnostic and problem resolution tool for SAP ASE. Its unique user interface provides you with an intuitive, visual representation of the activity on your database. Graphical flows illustrate the rate at which data moves between server components. Icons display the value of key statistics and measurements (metrics).

The power of Spotlight® on SAP ASE lies in its ability to provide visual and audible warnings if the performance metrics exceed acceptable thresholds. The components and data flows change color to show you the source of the problem.

A range of visual graphs and tabular grids provide you with detailed information about your ASE instance. This information can be viewed on the screen or printed.

You can set Spotlight® on SAP ASE to warn you when a threshold is reached. You may set a number of thresholds so that warning messages are displayed well before the traffic levels into or out of a database become critical. Spotlight uses a number of different techniques to warn you when your database is exceeding a threshold.

Spotlight® on SAP ASE seamlessly combines data from several different sources into a single user interface. It collects and combines data from ASE system tables and ASE commands and presents them in logically related screens.

When Spotlight® on SAP ASE detects a condition that it considers a potential problem, it not only informs you about it, but advises you what you could look at to diagnose the problem further, then suggests corrective actions.


Features of Spotlight® on SAP ASE

Features of Spotlight® on SAP ASE

Some of the main features and benefits of Spotlight® on SAP ASE are:

  • I18N support

  • Host monitoring

  • Detailed wait event monitoring

  • Improved SQL text and stored procedure monitoring

  • SoWin and SoUNIX integration

  • History browser

  • Provides a visual representation of process flows within ASE, allowing you to observe actual database and server activity in real time.

  • Visually identifies bottlenecks, and provides extensive drilldown capabilities.

  • Displays the details of problem areas, including active sessions, locks and deadlocks, disk I/O, and Windows server statistics for rapid problem resolution.

  • Provides visual and audible warnings to alert you when performance metrics exceed defined thresholds.

  • Provides detailed information about specific components through the use of drilldowns, allowing you to pinpoint the source or problems.

  • Assesses the normal rate of process flows via a calibration process, and adjusts the display speed of the visual indicators accordingly.

  • Has a quick and simple installation process.


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