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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.11 - User Guide

Spotlight on SAP ASE
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Database Analysis drilldown Details tab

The Details tab on the Database Analysis drilldown provides the following:

  • Identification information for the selected database

  • Key statistics that provide an overview of database activities.

Database details and statistics

The following lists the details and statistics that appear on the Details tab for the selected database or database partition. Click a specific detail for its description.

Database Name

Connections Current

I/O Threshold Cleaners Triggered

Database Status

Connection Max Concurrent

OLAP Total Functions

Database Server

Locks Held

OLAP Active Functions

Database Location

Locks Waiting

OLAP Function Overflows

Database Path

Sort Heap Allocated

RTS - Stats Cache Size

Catalog Node Number

Lock List Used ( kb )

RTS - Stats Fabrications

Catalog Node Name

Database First Connect

RTS - Synchronous Runstats

Oldest Application Agent

Database Last Backup

RTS - Asynchronous Runstats

Log Secondaries Allocated

Database Statistics Reset

RTS - Fabrication Time (msec)

Log Max Secondaries Used

Log Space Cleaners Triggered

RTS - Sync Runstats Time (msec)

Log Usage(% )

I/O Victim Cleaners Triggered

Threshold Violations

Database Times Graph

The Database Times graph provides a visual overview of the amount of time spent on various processing events for the database or database partition. The times are displayed in seconds.

Direct Write

Direct Read

Buffered Write

Buffered Read

I/O Time

Prefetch Wait

Lock Wait

Sort Time

System CPU

User CPU


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