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Spotlight on Oracle 10.7 - Getting Started Guide

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Disk Latency And Disk Throughput

To represent disk utilization, Predictive Diagnostics employs the metrics disk latency and disk throughput. Choose whichever suits your environment best.

Option Description

Disk latency

The average time taken to perform a disk I/O operation.

Disk latency often reflects a user's perception of system performance. It is a good indicator of resource utilization when your system is used mainly for online transaction processing (OLTP).

Disk throughput

The average rate of I/O operations.

Throughput is a good indicator of resource utilization when used to diagnose systems with a high rate of I/O operations, such as batch processing systems.

High throughput does not affect disk performance until the workload causes queuing, at which point system performance can degrade rapidly and substantially. You can provide advance warning of this by using Predictive Diagnostics to set an appropriate Database Resource Ceilings.


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