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Secure Copy 7.6.1 - User Guide

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Running the File System Statistics Analyzer

You can run the File System Statistics Analyzer from the PowerShell cmdlets by using the FileSystemStatisticsPowerShell PowerShell module, which is located in the Secure Copy 7 installation folder.

NOTE: Either the -roots <string> or -server <string> parameter is required

-roots <string>

List of paths to scan. Separate each path with a semi-colon.

NOTE: This parameter must be specified. If there are any spaces in the paths, the entire list should be in quotes.

-server <string>

Name of the server to process.

When specified, all normal <non administrator, non IPC> shares are enumerated and used as roots.

-out <string>

File in which to write the output.

The data written to this file is in comma separated (csv) format and is suitable for import into Microsoft® Excel.

-threads <int>

Number of threads to use to perform the enumeration.

The number of threads must be less than or equal to the number of roots specified to ensure that each thread has roots to process. If not specified, one thread is used.

-nobackup <bool>

Avoid the use of the backup rights. If this flag is not specified, the backup right is enabled.

NOTE: Backup rights must be held on both the server where this application is run, and the target server.

-security <bool>

Instruct the application to capture security information in addition to count and size information.

-NoStatus <bool>

Suppress the command window and run the tool in quiet mode.

This example retrieves information for all shares.

This example retrieves information for a set of shares.

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