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Secure Copy 7.6.1 - User Guide

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Importing a job

You can create a new job quickly by using the options set for a current job and then importing a .csv file with the job name, source path, and target path.

FORMAT: Job Name,Source Path,Target Path

IMPORTANT: Do not put a space after the comma.
Choose File | Import.
Click Browse, and choose the file to use.

Restoring job settings

Once you run a job, you can restore the settings for that job from the log file.

Click Logs and Reports.
Open the Settings tab to view the settings associated with the job.
On the Restore tab, choose to restore the job settings to the job or to create a new job based on the settings.
If you chose to restore the job, click Yes to overwrite the existing settings.

Scheduling jobs

Secure Copy includes the ability to schedule copy jobs to occur when they are convenient to personnel, without interfering with business practices. The best time for data migration is during hours of non-operation or non-peak usage. Quite often this is not feasible for the average 9 to 5 administrator. Secure Copy uses the features of the Microsoft Task Scheduler service to handle all functions of job scheduling.

Choose File | Schedule, or click Schedule this job on the Job Summary page.
Open the Triggers tab, and click New.
Open the Actions tab, and click New.
Click Browse, and locate the program or script to run.
Open the Conditions tab.
Open the Settings tab.
The task appears on the General tab. Once a job has run, it appears on the History tab.

Managing scheduled jobs

The Task Scheduler service is included with Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0 and later with the Offline Browsing Pack installed.

Click Start, point to Programs | Accessories | System Tools, and then choose Scheduled Tasks.
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