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Secure Copy 7.6.1 - User Guide

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Running the Registry Updater

Click Update Utilities, and click Registry Updater.
Click to Run the specified .ini file with the specified arguments.
Click Launch cmd.exe to run the Registry Updater from the command line.

Running Registry Updater from the command line

The Registry Updater (ToolsRegTool.exe) is located in: C:\Program Files\Quest\Secure Copy 7\Tools.

INIFile is the name and path of the .ini file that you created.

ComputerName is the computer where the Registry Updater will update the registry. If you do not specify this argument, the update is run on the local computer.

AuditFile is the path to the file that saves the information about the registry keys that were updated and those that could not be updated. (Optional)

Using the Registry Updater in a logon script

The Registry Updater is typically distributed through logon scripts that run when users first log on to their computers after the migration. When you create the logon script, be aware of the following two points:


Secure Copy has several tools that you can use to help troubleshoot your copy jobs. Quest Technical Support is also available to help you. You can access the Quest Support Portal at


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