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Secure Copy 7.6.1 - User Guide

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Managing licenses

Viewing licenses

Secure Copy is licensed per server or per user. When you create a copy job, Secure Copy checks the license status to verify that the selected servers are on the list of licensed servers or if you have an available license to add the server. Use the options on the Help menu to monitor your license.

License details include the license number, license type, expiration date, and the number of licensed servers and users. To see how many of the licensed servers are being used, check the list of licensed servers.

Choose Help | About, and then open the Licenses tab.
Choose Help | License Status, select a license, and click Details.

Viewing licensed servers

If a console is not on the list of servers, Secure Copy automatically adds it to the list when you run a copy job.

Choose Help | Licensed Servers.
To print a list of the console’s licensed servers, click View Report. Alternatively, run the Console’s Server List Report on the Reports tab of the Logs and Reports page. See Running reports.

Applying a new license file

Choose Help | License Status.
Click License Status.
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