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Reference Materials for Migration 8.15 - Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

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Adding a Public Folder Collection

To create a new collection for an existing public folder synchronization job, right-click the job in the management tree and select Add Collection from the shortcut menu.

This will start the Add Public Folder Collection Wizard, which will help you to set up and configure a new collection for the job. Each of the wizard’s steps is described in the related topics.

Step 1. General Options

Specify a name for the collection and set its priority. Optionally, you can provide a text description for the collection.

You can temporarily disable the collection and it will not be involved in the synchronization process until you enable it.

Step 2. Workflow

Set the preferred date to start migrating the collection. By default, the option to Start as soon as possible is selected.

Step 3. Select Public Folders

Populate the collection with public folder pairs. Note that folders that are already synchronized within other collections of the job are marked in the folder lists and cannot be included in the collection.

Caution: Once you start the public folder synchronization process, do not change the synchronization roots for any jobs or collections. Changing the selected folder pairs after the synchronization has started might result in duplicate folders in one of the environments.

Step 4. Complete the Wizard and Commit Changes

After the new collection is created, the job is marked with an exclamation mark that means that you need to update the public folder synchronization agents’ databases. Right-click the job in the management tree and click Commit Changes on the shortcut menu to update the agents’ task lists on the remote servers.

Starting Public Folder Synchronization

The public folder synchronization job should be started after all the target mailboxes already exist and have been matched to the source mailboxes. The matching step is critical for synchronization of public folder permissions.

To start the public folder synchronization agents, perform the following:

  1. Select the public folder synchronization job in the navigation tree, and then click the Agent Manager toolbar button.
  2. After that in the agent host pane select all necessary agent hosts.
  3. Finally, in the Actions pane click Start Agents.

Synchronizing Public Folders by MAgE

In case you prefer alternative method of public folders synchronization for migration scenarios from Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013/2016/2019 by enhanced Migration Agent for Exchange (MAgE) combined with extended MMEx PowerShell module refer to Public Folder Synchronization (MAgE) document. This synchronization method does not currently have an appropriate user interface and is intended for advanced PowerShell users only. To select optimal synchronization method refer to Synchronizing Public Folders.

Migrating Mailboxes

After you successfully migrated objects from Active Directory to Microsoft Office, you may start migrating mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange Online. To do that, you need to perform the following steps in the Migration Manager for Exchange console:

  1. Set up a new Office 365 mailbox migration job
  2. Add a New Office 365 mailbox collection
  3. Start mailbox migration
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