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Reference Materials for Migration 8.15 - Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

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Configuring Regional Settings for Office 365 Administrative Accounts

You should configure regional settings for administrative accounts that you are going to use for the migration. If they remain unconfigured, this may cause error messages about an incorrect time zone during migration. To configure these settings:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Office 365 using the account that you are going to use for the migration.
  2. Click the Outlook link at the top of the page. You will be prompted to set the time zone and language.

Disabling Calendar Repair Assistant

It is necessary to disable Calendar Repair Assistant (CRA) for all user mailboxes that will be involved in migration for the whole period of migration. To do that for each mailbox in your organization, invoke the following cmdlet:

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | Set-Mailbox -CalendarRepairDisabled $true

Registering Microsoft Office 365 as Migration Destination

In the final step of preparing the Microsoft Office 365 environment, you need to register the new migration destination in the Migration Manager for Exchange console. For that, right-click the Target Exchange Organizations node of the management tree and select Add Office 365 as Target Organization. You are prompted to supply the following:

  1. The display name that will stand for Microsoft Office 365 in the Migration Manager for Exchange console
  2. The default administrative account under which to access Microsoft Office 365.


  • A Microsoft Exchange Online license must be issued to this account.
  • This account must have Global Administrator role in Microsoft Office 365.

Note: If you do not yet have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, click the link in the dialog box.

After you click Finish, a node representing Microsoft Office 365 is added to the management tree. This node provides the tools you need for the migration.

Migrating Recoverable Items Subfolders

Content of the following subfolders from source Recoverable Items folders can be migrated to target:

  • Deletions
  • Purges
  • DiscoveryHolds
  • Versions

Refer to User Guide for instructions on how to prepare your environment and enable this feature.

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