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Reference Materials for Migration 8.15 - Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

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Checking the Requirements

Basic Authentication in Exchange Online is now deprecated by Microsoft. Migration Manager supports modern authentication (based on OAuth 2.0) for migration to Microsoft Office 365 tenants, for all scenarios supported by MAgE. This support is available in MMEx 8.15 with the application of public update 20200813EX or later. In addition, MMAD 8.15 plus public update 20221207 or later are required for use of the MMAD Directory Migration Agent (DMA).

IMPORTANT: Now that Basic Authentication is deprecated by Microsoft, public folder synchronization by legacy Exchange agents is no longer supported. Public folder synchronization should be performed by MAgE.

For details about the access privileges and software required for migration to Microsoft Office 365, refer to the following sections in the System Requirements and Access Rights document:

  • Migration to Microsoft Office 365
  • Directory Migration Agent
  • Accounts Used for Migrating to Office 365

Supported Microsoft Office 365 Plans

Migration Manager ensures migrating to tenants with Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise plans (plan E1, plan E3 and plan E5) and standalone Exchange Online plans 1 and 2. For more details about Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online plans go to and respectively.

Microsoft Office 365 tenants with Exchange Online Kiosk plan are not supported as a migration destination.

To support mailbox migration to Microsoft Office 365 tenants by MAgE, Microsoft Office 365 plan should have the following features:

  • EWS Application support
  • EWS Connectivity support

In case your used Microsoft Office 365 plan has these features, please contact Quest Support to check if this plan can be supported.

NOTE: Migration to Office 365 China tenants (operated by 21Vianet) and Office 365 Germany tenants (operated by T-Systems) is not supported.

Preparing Source Exchange Environment

The Migration Manager documentation set includes documents about preparing the different types of supported Exchange environments. Please refer to the document that deals with your particular Exchange version.

For the purposes of migration to Office 365, follow the sections in the document that describe:

  1. Configuring the Exchange account
  2. Configuring the source Active Directory account
  3. Backing up the Exchange infrastructure (optional)
  4. Setting up connection with the target Exchange organization.

Registering Exchange Organization as Migration Source

After you configured your Exchange environment you need to register your Exchange organization as migration source in Migration Manager for Exchange console. For that, right-click the Source Exchange Organizations node of the management tree and select Add Source Exchange Organization. This starts graphical wizard that guide you through the registration process.

The wizard prompts you to specify the accounts that will be used to connect to the servers where Migration Manager for Exchange components are installed. The accounts you specify should have the appropriate privileges, as detailed in the System Requirements and Access Rights document. Specified accounts are used by default with all the servers of the registered Exchange organization.

Note: If needed, you can modify the connection settings for each of the registered Exchange servers using the General page of the appropriate server Properties dialog box.

Preparing Microsoft Office 365 Environment

You need to perform a few steps in order to prepare you Microsoft Office 365 tenant for migration:

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