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KACE Desktop Authority 11.1 - ExpertAssist User Guide

User Guide
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Drive & Partition Info

This page displays all physical drives in the remote computer and their partition tables. This data is organized onto two separate tabs for Physical Drives and Partitions, and Logical Drives.

To download a CSV file containing the currently displayed drive and partition layout table

When on the Physical Drives and Partitions tab, click the Export button .

Open TCP/IP Ports

This option will present you with a listing of all open IP endpoints on the computer.

You can specify the following settings:

  • Whether you'd like to see the ports that are listening for connections, ports that have been connected to another computer, and ports in various stages of being connected and disconnected.
  • Have ExpertAssist resolve IP addresses appearing in the list of hostnames.

Note: Resolving IP addresses can take a considerable amount of time.


The data displayed under Network is organized under two configuration pages, Inbound Network Traffic and Outbound Network Traffic.

Note: ExpertAssist needs time to gather performance data for these graphs. If you have just installed the software, it is likely that only the right-hand side of the first graph will show you meaningful information.

Use the section as described below:

  1. Clicking each configuration page button, Inbound/Outbound Network Traffic, takes you to a page with a number of graphs.
  2. The graphs show network traffic at various sampling rates.
  3. The sampling rate for the first graph is 2 seconds, so the graph spans less than an hour.
  4. This is useful to see what’s happening right now. If you move your mouse over a line in one of the graphs, the tooltip that pops up tells you exactly when the sample was taken.
  5. Other graphs plot the Network Traffic with sampling rates of 10 seconds, 5 minutes, and 1 hour.

PCI Information

If you click on PCI Information you can view all devices connected to the PCI bus or buses in the system.

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