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KACE Desktop Authority 11.1 - ExpertAssist User Guide

User Guide
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Performance Monitoring

The pages under Performance Monitoring allow you access to the performance data collected by ExpertAssist. Descriptions for each of the pages can be found below.

CPU Load

This page has a number of graphs and a table.

The graphs show CPU utilization with various sampling rates.

Please note that ExpertAssist needs time to gather performance data for these graphs. If you have just installed the software, it is likely that only the right-hand side of the first graph will show you meaningful information.

If you have multiple CPUs in your computer, you will see separate graphs for each one, as well as a set of graphs showing you the total CPU load.

The sampling rate for the first graph is 2 seconds, so the graph spans less than an hour. This is useful to see what’s happening right now on the machine. If you move your mouse over a line in one of the graphs, the tooltip that pops up tells you exactly when the sample was taken..

The Most CPU-Intensive Processes table at the bottom shows the processes that take up most of the processor time. This table is weighted, so younger processes that take up a lot of processing time come closer to the top. Processing time is counted like PROCESSOR_SECONDS divided by PROCESS_AGE_SECONDS. Thus, it shows how much the current process has consumed from the overall CPU time. So, if you see a sudden spike on the graph you can check the table and immediately find out which process is eating up processor time.

Clicking on an item in the ID column will display the relevant data on that process, organized under seven separate tabs (General, Windows, Threads, Services hosted, DLLs, Open Files, and Registry Keys In Use).

Memory Load

This option will present you with four graphs similar to those on the CPU Load page. These display the memory utilization on the machine.  

Disk Space

Graphs displaying the disk space utilization per logical disk are available under this menu item. You also can observe the total disc space utilization on the remote computer.

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