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Foglight for Storage Management Shared 4.6 - User and Reference Guide

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Managing Foglight for Storage Management Rules

NOTE: You require the Foglight for Storage Management role Administrator to perform tasks that affect rules.

To see the list of Foglight for Storage Management rules, navigate to Administration > Rules & Notifications > Rule Management, and select StorageUI from the Cartridge list. For help with rules, open the online help from this dashboard.

All Foglight for Storage Management rule names start with StSAN and are organized into categories:

EssentialStSAN E—Essential rules alert on latency issues, capacity issues, device failures, and errors.
NormalStSAN N—Normal rules alert on things like data traffic spikes.
TuningStSAN T—Tuning rules are additional rules for situations that do not cause performance issues in most environment.

The Essential and Normal categories are enabled by default. The rules within each category can be enabled or disabled individually. By default, all rules in the Essential category are enabled, and all rules in the Normal category are disabled. You may want to review the Normal rules and enable the ones that suit your environment. Finally, you can control whether alarms are generated for rules in all categories or only some categories. For more information, see Changing Alarm Sensitivity.

You can and should modify rule conditions to better suit your storage environment. To change conditions, copy the rule and modify it. Then you can enable the new rule and disable the original rule. This approach allows you to refer back to the original rule if necessary, and also protects you from changes to the default rules that may occur during regular software updates. For more information, search for “Copying or deleting rules” in the online help.

For rules that reference registry variables for threshold values, you should modify the threshold in the registry variable, rather than modifying the rule. For help finding and editing registry variables, search for “Registry Variable” in the online help.

NOTE: Rules that begin with StSANCar are rules used internally by the Storage cartridge, and do not generate alarms. Do not disable or alter these rules.

Managing Alarm Settings

You can control which type of rule generates alarms and also set up email notifications.

Changing Alarm Sensitivity

You can control which categories of StSAN rules generate alarms.

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Storage & SAN > Storage Environment.
Click the Administration tab.
Click Change Alarm Sensitivity.
Click Save.

Configuring Email Notifications for Alarms

You can define a list of email addresses that receive a notification whenever an essential rule evaluates to a Critical or Fatal status. Email addresses are saved to the StorageAdministrator registry variable. An essential rule begins with StSAN E and has the email action set automatically. For more information about rules, see Managing Foglight for Storage Management Rules.

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Storage & SAN > Storage Environment.
Click the Administration tab.
Click Configure Storage Administrator Email Addresses.
Click Add, type an email address, and click Add. Repeat to add additional email addresses.

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