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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - General

Installation Instructions

If you want to install Evolve Suite 2023.0 and Evolve 2023.0 on the same machine, please ensure that you install Evolve Suite first.

In order to install Evolve, you must be logged on to the machine as a User who has Administrative rights for that computer.

If you allow the setup to install .NET 4.8, your machine will be rebooted automatically after the installation of .NET but before the installation of Evolve. Please ensure you have closed all applications and services before installing .NET 4.8 as you may lose data if they are forced to shut down.


To install Evolve 2023.0:

  1. Right-click on the setup file and choose Run as administrator

    The setup wizard runs

  2. Follow the on-screen prompts.

Create a Connection to the Evolve Repository

So that Evolve Web Platform can talk to the Evolve Repository, you must create a connection between the Evolve Data Layer and the Evolve Database. You can create the connection by running Licence Manager, which is installed with Evolve.

You must run Licence Manager as an administrator. Choose Run as administrator

When you create the connection to the repository, the connection must be made For this computer

You can find Licence Manager at C:\Program Files (x86)\erwin\CM10\bin\LicenseManager.exe

For detailed instructions on creating the connection, see Appendix D – Create a Connection to the Evolve Repository.

Apply The Evolve License

To apply the Evolve licenses, you should import them into your repository using CW License Manager.

Do this by double clicking on the license file.

Next Steps

Now Evolve Web Platform is installed, the tasks on the server are complete. The processes for creating, configuring and deploying an Evolve Site are performed by Evolve Administrator using Evolve Designer which is installed on the web server.

You do this using the Server Configuration utility.

All instructions for creating, configuring and publishing Sites are in the Evolve Designer Help, which is accessible from Evolve Designer itself. See Appendix E – Accessing the Evolve Designer Helpfor details.

In order to run Evolve Designer you must log in with a Casewise user that has System Manager rights.

In addition, certain functions performed by Evolve Designer require that the application is Run as administrator on your machine.

Additional operations requiring System Manager level rights include:

  • IIS configuration

  • IIS feature installation

  • Meta Model upgrades

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