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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - General

Request Licenses

You must request licenses for Evolve from the Quest Support Team. These are required for the installation and Site configuration steps.

Evolve Suite

This installation guide assumes that you have already installed, licensed and set up Evolve Suite environment, including at least one client machine and the database on the database server.

For instructions on installing and setting up Evolve Suite, please refer to the Evolve Suite Installation Guide.

IIS Components

Evolve Sites require Web Server (IIS) configuration steps to be undertaken before the application can be installed. In particular, the Web Server (IIS) Role must be installed first before all other features.

Please refer to Appendix A – Pre Install Components: Web Server (IIS) Features for a full list of Role-related IIS features to install.

Create a Dedicated Evolve User for Dynamic Sites

Evolve Dynamic Sites require the logon details of a Evolve System Manager user in order to connect to the repository to retrieve data. We recommend that you create a dedicated user in Evolve Suite for this purpose, and name it ‘EvolveSystem’.

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