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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - General

Active Directory Authentication

Evolve can be configured to interact with Active Directory for user login on Dynamic Sites. If you plan to use Evolve with Active Directory, there are two things you should do in preparation.

1 Choose a Compatible Logon Option for Evolve Suite

1. Choose a Compatible Logon Option for Evolve Suite

When using Active Directory Authentication, you must make sure that your Evolve Suite deployment is configured to use a compatible logon option.

We recommend that you use Option 2 - ‘All users logon via the current Windows user
’, as this will mean your users will be logged on automatically when visiting your Site.

Please see Appendix F – Enabling Automatic logon with Active Directory Authentication.

You can also use Option 3 - ‘All users logon via any valid Windows user and domain’, but this will mean Evolve users have to enter their logon details to access the Site.

You can change the Logon Option in Evolve Suite using Corporate Exchange Access Manager in Model Explorer.

To do this, log on to Evolve Suite as a System Manager, then, in the Administration View of Model Explorer, select a model and choose Tools > Corporate Exchange Access Manager. In Corporate Exchange Access Manager, choose the System Options tab, then choose the Logon Options tab.

2 Create Active Directory Groups

2. Create Active Directory Groups

You should prepare two Active Directory Groups to organize your users:

  • A group for Evolve Social Users – for users with Read-Only access to any data

  • A group for Evolve Contributors – for users who can create and edit data.

  • A groupd for Evolve Diagram Editor Users  - for users who can create, edit data and diagrams (if this option is enabled).

You do not need these groups set up for installation, but they will need to be in place before an Evolve Administrator can publish a Dynamic Site which uses Active Directory Authentication. You will of course need to add users to the groups.

Get the Evolve Installer

Evolve 2023.0 (11.12.x.x) is compatible with Evolve Suite 2023.0 (11.12.x.x). The name of this version is:

  • erwinEvolveWebPlatform_2023_0_0_9.exe

Please ensure you use the correct setup file for your version of Evolve Suite.

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