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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - General

Upgrading from Evolve 3.x

If you are upgrading from a version earlier than Evolve 4.0, please first ensure you have completed the steps in the Appendix G – upgrading YOUR DATABASE FOR evolve 2023.0+ & Evolve Suite 2023.0+ and then follow the appropriate steps listed below in order to complete the migration process and have your Sites running the new version.


Description automatically generated

If you have any custom themes, you must copy all of the lines below and paste it in all theme files for every Evolve site that you are deploying.

@cwDiagramEditorIconColor: #b7b7b7; //v4.0
@cwDiagramEditorMenuBackgroundColor: #f1f1f1; //v4.0
@cwDiagramEditorMenuMainHeaderBackgroundColor: #2372a7; //v4.0
@cwDiagramEditorMenuSubHeaderBackgroundColor:#2881bd; //v4.0

Adding this text to the end of the theme files will upgrade the theme files for the new version

If you are using a custom logo, it is important to note that the new dimensions for the top left logo are 146px x 30px.

Upgrade the Database

  1. Follow the steps on Appendix G – upgrading YOUR DATABASE FOR evolve 2023.0 & Evolve Suite 2023.0 to upgrade your database.

Upgrade PSG Tools (CoffeeMaker)

Upgrade PSG Tools, aka. CoffeeMaker

If you useCoffeemaker components from the Professional Services Group, refer to the Appendix H - Upgrading Coffeemaker topic and follow the steps to upgrade Coffeemaker. If you do not use CoffeeMaker, you can skip this part.

Install new version of Evolve Web Platform

Please remember, if you want to run Evolve Suite on the same machine as Evolve, you must install the Evolve Suite client before installing Evolve.


  1. Once you have completed the steps above, follow the Installation Instructions in this guide for installing the new version.

Once you have installed the new version, continue with the upgrading tasks below.

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