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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - General

Appendix D Create a Connection

To create a connection to the Evolve Repository:

  1. Run License Manager, by right-clicking the file and choosing ‘Run as administrator’

  2. On the Logon dialog, click Edit

The Database Connection dialog is displayed

  1. On the Database Connection dialog, click Add > SQL Server > For this computer

The Configure SQL Server dialog is displayed

  1. Complete the required fields as described below:

Mandatory fields are suffixed with an asterisk (*).



Connection name *

This is the name that you assign to this connection. It will be shown in the database drop-down list that the person using Evolve Designer machine will see when they log on.

Server name *

This is the IP Address, Physical Computer Name or DNS of the database server machine.

Instance name

If you have more than one instance on the same Server, you can enter the name for that instance here.

Port number

A number referring to the hardware device that contains the database to be connected to

Database name *

The name of the Evolve Database itself.

User name

Username and password are for ‘SQL server user authentication. The login requires SQL authentication, and won’t work with Windows Authentication’.


The correct password for the previous user name.

Confirm password

Same as above.

  1. Click OK.

The connection is created and tested.

Appendix E Accessing the Evolve

The help for using Evolve Designer to create, configure and manage your Site can be accessed using the Help menu link in Evolve Designer.

Additionally you can access the help here:

erwin Evolve - Technical Documentation (

Accessing the help with Internet Explorer on a server machine

If you try to access the help directly from a server machine, such as when using Evolve Designer on the web server itself, you may not be able to use it, due to the heightened security on server Operating Systems meaning scripting is disabled.

To enable Internet Explorer to view the Evolve help, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security and in the Custom Level Security Settings, ensure Active Scripting is Enabled.

Appendix F Enabling Automaticlogon

Client Machines

Firefox and Google Chrome

Firefox and Google Chrome users have to enter their username and password once, but can choose to have the details remembered to avoid entering them again.

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