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erwin Data Transformation 9.2.3 - User Guide

erwin Data Transformation v9.2.3_User Guide
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Data Path

Data Path

The data path is by default:

C:\ProgramData\erwin\Data Transformation



DT database files


XSLT parsers used for library/custom transformations


Client.log, event.log, server.log, listener.log


Workflows operation data, workflow testing triggers

The data path can be different from the default; configure the tool providing the desired path:


Setup / Windows Services

Setup / Windows Services

DT installs four Windows Services, which have to be launched by a Windows user belonging to the Administrator group:


Runs the application database


Detects newly created files into DT folders (see later)


Manage the event queue, as workflows to be run for adapter files detected by Listener manager


Performs scheduled jobs (adapters or sequences execution)

Adapter Folders

Adapter Folders

When configuring an adapter, DT requires to assign a folder.

This will contain:

A file, created when saving the adapter, which is used to inherit the information about the structure of datasets coming from the adapter, named:


For instance, ADAPT_79_struct.csv will be produced when saving a DB adapter with internal id equal 79, containing the resultset columns and a sample of data.

The following adapter files coming from its execution, that will be named as:


Model Configuration Folder

Model Configuration Folder

When setting up a model configuration, DT requires assignment of a folder for the backup. This will be used also as adapter folder for the automatically created CM import-export adapter.

This will contain:

The backup of the model, when required by scheduling:

                    <model scriptname>_<operation_timestamp>.mdb

The structure file for export adapter, containing the metamodel: ADAPT_<adapt_id>.xml

The CM export adapter files, when requested:

                         ADAPT_<adapt_id >_<operation_timestamp>.xml

Operation folders for the given model (see later)

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