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erwin Data Transformation 9.2.3 - User Guide

erwin Data Transformation v9.2.3_User Guide
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Backup DB

Backup DB

Regular DT database backups are recommended as a best practice. This can be obtained with “ToolsBackup DB”: it produces a zip file with a dump of CC DB into “C:\ProgramData\erwinDataTransformation\data\H2\BAK” folder, with backup datetime:

Export/Import Workflow

Export/Import Workflow

It can sometimes be necessary to configure and test workflows in a working DT instance before deploying them in a production site.

Workflows can be exported and imported in a different DT instance.

To Export workflows, just open the workflow of interest, and create an archive (zip file) containing the workflow and its adapters/activity information:




To Import workflows, use the “Tools””Import WF” - or the button “Import” in the workflow configuration interface, after selecting a model configuration - and browse to the exported zip file previously created (or drag the file to the text field):

Then map the model configuration, source(s) adapter(s), and target adapter. In every step, should the needed configuration or adapter not exist in the target DT instance, it can be contextually created, allowing for smart import operations:


The result of the import operation is then shown to the user, which can edit/test/schedule workflow as usual:

Request for Help

Request for Help

Users can ask for assistance for workflows through a dedicated features in main toolbar:

A message with a workflow definition and log file attached (more files can be added) will be prepared to be sent to ServiceDesk if DT email parameters have been provided during tool configuration.

Cloud Environment

Cloud Environment

Use this menu item to configure Cloud Environment parameters, to connect DT to erwin Cloud platform (see Running DT from Cloud Platform)

          1. Select environment parameters – erwin EA Agile or erwin EA Agile V3 – and instance

          2. Provide credentials for the selected instance

          3. Test the connection

          4. Select workspace containing the DT package (see before)

          5. Set the communications to be active or not. In last case, DT will not take charge of requests from           cloud. This may be applied as a temporary setting for upgrade/maintenance purposes etc.

          6. Select a physical folder. This will be used as a publishing folder for web reports (HTML, pdf, csv,           Excel), like web logs, workflows operation data, sequence progress reports. It has to be:

a. Readable/writable by Windows user running Windows services and the DT UI on premise

b. Published in LAN or public web, making DT reports visible and accessible by web.

          7. Save

          8. Restart Windows service “erwinDataTransformationEventManager”

          9. Reset WF/Sequences from Tools menu item.

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