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Coexistence Manager for Notes 3.8.4 - User Guide

About the CMN Documentation Suite Introduction CMN Directory Connector
Directory Connector overview Installation and configuration DC Management Console Connector Creation Wizard Connector Advanced Settings Starting and stopping the Directory Connector service
CMN Mail Connector
Mail Connector features overview Coexistence mail routing basics Deployment of CMN Mail Connector Installation Configuration Mail Connector Management Console
CMN Free/Busy Connector The Log Viewer Appendix A: Known limitations Appendix B: Troubleshooting Appendix C: CMN Logs

Management Console menus

CMN’s Management Console screens offer two menus, near the top-left corner of any Console screen:

File menu

The CMN Management Console File menu lets you open, save or activate the configuration.xml file for any CMN component(s) that are installed on the computer where you are running the Console application. See the examples at right.

File menu options are:

Open Configuration: Discards any unsaved settings within the Management Console (from the current Console session) for a single CMN component, and reloads the last-saved configuration settings for that component. When you select this Open option, a submenu (as shown above) prompts you to specify the component whose configuration file you want to open. (The submenu list varies depending on which CMN components are installed.)
If you select Directory Connector or Mail Connector, the Console presents a standard Windows Open dialog box, with the currently active configuration file selected by default. Click Open to open the selected file, or specify some other configuration file and click Open.
If you select Free/Busy Connector, the Console opens the Free/Busy Connector configuration data into the Console screens. (The F/B Connector configuration files cannot be renamed from their defaults.)
Save Configuration: Saves the current configuration settings as they now appear within the Management Console for a single CMN component. When you select this Save option, a submenu prompts you to specify the component whose configuration data you want to save.
If you select Free/Busy Connector, the Console saves the F/B Connector configuration data to the F/B Connector configuration files. (The configuration filenames cannot be changed from their defaults.)
If you select Directory Connector or Mail Connector: This Save command presents a standard Windows Save As... dialog box. Click Save to save the data to the default configuration file, or specify some other filename and click Save. For CMN’s Directory Connector (DC), the Save command also saves the configuration data for any DC connector that has been created or edited by DC’s Connector Creation Wizard in the current Console session.
CAUTION: The DC’s Connector Creation Wizard does not save its data to disk. You must explicitly Save the data from the Management Console to the CMN DC configuration files.
Activate Configuration: Restarts the selected CMN component, and loads the settings currently open in the Console as the active configuration for the component. When you select this Activate option, a submenu prompts you to specify the component whose settings you want to activate. (If the currently open settings have not yet been saved to disk, CMN prompts you to Save them before it will execute the Activate command.) The Console then prompts you to confirm or cancel the Activate command, since it requires restarting (interrupting) the selected component. If you choose to not restart the service or save the open configuration file now, the current configuration settings will remain in effect until the next component restart.

Help menu

The Help menu offers direct access to the on-line Help files for the Management Console—different Help files for the three different CMN components. In addition to the Help Topics option, the Help menu also offers:

Search Support Portal and Knowledgebase: Opens a browser window to visit the Quest Software Inc. website for CMN’s online Support Portal and Knowledgebase, where you can browse and search more information about Quest Coexistence Manager for Notes.
Visit the Community: Opens a browser window to visit the Quest Software Inc. website for the CMN Online Community, an interactive community dedicated to issues relating to coexistence. The community is designed to foster collaboration between Quest coexistence experts and users. This community is a place where you can:
Check for Updates: Opens a browser window to visit the Quest Software Inc. website showing all available versions of the CMN product, where you can optionally download a later version.
About: Identifies the specific release of the software, and declares Quest’s intellectual property rights for the software. The dialog box also shows information about your Quest Coexistence Manager for Notes installation, including details about your license. You can view and update license information here.

The Common group of Console screens

The Common group of Console screens

The features on these screens apply to CMN as a whole, rather than to any single CMN component.

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