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Coexistence Manager for Notes 3.8.4 - User Guide

About the CMN Documentation Suite Introduction CMN Directory Connector
Directory Connector overview Installation and configuration DC Management Console Connector Creation Wizard Connector Advanced Settings Starting and stopping the Directory Connector service
CMN Mail Connector
Mail Connector features overview Coexistence mail routing basics Deployment of CMN Mail Connector Installation Configuration Mail Connector Management Console
CMN Free/Busy Connector The Log Viewer Appendix A: Known limitations Appendix B: Troubleshooting Appendix C: CMN Logs

Advanced Settings tab: source and target attributes

These tabs let you add additional attributes that are not in the default source/target object attribute list. Once you add an attribute, the attribute is appended to the available attribute list, where you can use for attribute mapping, object filtering or object association features.

Starting and stopping the Directory Connector service

The Directory Connector service is started manually, and thereafter runs continuously until explicitly stopped. CMN’s Directory Connector service performs many of its features by calling functions that are coded in a separate underlying "engine" application (another Windows service) called the Directory Sync service. Since the Directory Connector and Directory Sync services communicate with each other, both must be stopped and started together.

NOTE: Also, if CMN’s Directory Connector service is inadvertently interrupted or disabled by some processing error, the Directory Sync service must always be restarted whenever the Directory Connector service is restarted.

The CMN Directory Connector service and the Directory Sync service can be started and stopped directly from the CMN Directory Connector Management Console.

To configure the service’s behavior upon Windows startup:

Use Windows’ Services console: Open the Windows Control Panel Administrative Tools, and then open (double-click on) Windows’ Services.
Select the service from the list (Quest Directory Connector or Quest Directory Sync), and verify or change the value in the Startup Type column:
Automatic: If you want this service to automatically start when the operating system boots (or reboots—e.g., after a system restart).
Manual: If you do not want this service to automatically start when the operating system boots.
NOTE: If you choose Manual here, and if the host computer is shut down or restarted while the service is running, you will have to manually restart the service after the computer is restarted.


CMN Mail Connector

Mail Connector features overview

The CMN Mail Connector is a Windows service that monitors SMTP traffic between Domino and Exchange to resolve incompatibilities. This service detects and converts messages as necessary to facilitate (for example):

The CMN Mail Connector also detects and converts Notes rich-content features whereby messages can carry "live" or "active" functional content. See CMN active mail processing below for more information.

The Mail Connector functions as a passive SMTP interface between Domino and Exchange. That is, the Mail Connector does not establish a connection or store output of processed messages. CMN converts messages containing calendar data, active mail and DocLinks, while other messages simply pass through to the destination server.

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