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Toad for SQL Server 7.4 - Installation Guide

SQL Server Objects
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SQL Server Objects

Edit Permissions on Objects

To edit user permissions on an object

  1. Right-click an object in the Object Explorer and select Edit Permissions.

  2. Click Add.
  3. Complete the fields as necessary.  Review the following for additional information:

    List all objects/
    List objects with active permissions

    Select whether you want to view permissions for all objects or only those objects hat currently have permissions assigned to this database. The default is List all objects.

    Note: You cannot modify permissions for the dbo user.


    Select the object for which you want to set permissions.


    Select whether you want to allow or deny permissions for each type listed.

    Note: You can revoke all permissions for an object by clicking Revoke.

  1. Repeat step 2 for each user or role you want to modify.



About Databases

You can display details about a database by selecting it in the Object Explorer. The following table describes the details associated with each database:

Use this tab...

To display...


Characteristics of the database such as the owner, size, available space, and number of users. Space Usage chart below represents space allocation.


Any filegroups associated with the database.


Information about the data and log files associated with the database.

Extended Properties

Extended properties you define to store additional metadata for this object.


SQL statements for the selected object.


  • You can change how objects display in the Object Explorer. For example, you can create custom categories or move objects out of existing categories (such as Programmability and Security) in Tools | Options | Explorer | Objects. See Object Options for more information.
  • Right-click the object to see additional actions and tasks available for it.


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