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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.3 - Administration Guide

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Task Progress

Task Progress

No information is entered into this screen. The screen reports the program's progress as it performs the defined task.

You can click Cancel to cancel the task before it completes.

When the process is complete, the program displays the Task Completed screen to report the results.



Task Completed

Task Completed

No information is entered into this screen. The screen reports the results of the task run.

This screen can also display an Error Log Report button if the program encountered errors during its run. If the Error Log Report button appears, click it to view the program log and assess the severity of the errors. The Error Log Report button launches the MNE Log Viewer utility (see The Log Viewer chapter) to help you interpret and resolve the errors.

When you are finished, click Exit.


Directory Export Wizard

Directory Export Wizard




The Directory Export Wizard gathers user information from the Domino servers to create SQL Server data tables that provide critical input data to the MNE provisioning and migration wizards. These wizards use this data to:

  • Provision users and groups in Active Directory (AD).

  • Merge Exchange contacts into corresponding AD accounts to create a single mail-enabled security object per user.

  • Convert Notes-format addresses in messages, address books, and contacts to the appropriate Internet address for each user.

    The Directory Export Wizard is run before the first run of any of the MNE provisioning or migration wizards. Throughout the transition period, the Directory Export Wizard can be re-run as necessary to update the data files, to accommodate any staff changes that are recorded in Domino during the transition.

    You can configure the wizard to perform the export task immediately following configuration or you can schedule the task to run at a later time.

    A reference list of the wizard Exported data elements in the SQL database appears at the end of this chapter, following the field definitions and application notes in the sections that follow.



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