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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - User Guide

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Configuration Analyzer

Configuration Analyzer Overview

Configuration Analyzer > Configuration Analyzer Overview

The Configuration Analyzer evaluates the effect on SQL performance when changing sp_configure Adaptive Server parameter settings. It enables you to analyze whether the database performance may improve before you make any Adaptive Server parameter changes permanent.

The Configuration Analyzer compares the query plans from your selected SQL statement to the query plans that are retrieved during the configuration analysis using the sp_configure parameter changes. The analysis changes the specified database parameters for your session, retrieves a new query plans, and then sets the parameter values back to the current value.

The selected SQL statements are from SQL that you have saved in the SQL Repository.

Note: Changing the configuration parameters affects other connections to the database, i.e. SQL statements from other users.


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Configuration Analyzer Window

Configuration Analyzer Window

Configuration Analyzer > Configuration Analyzer Window > Configuration Analyzer Window

The Configuration Analyzer window displays the information about the SQL statements that are saved in the Configuration Analyzer. The display in the right section of the window depends on what is selected in the left pane.

Left pane - Analyzer List

Provides a tree view of the Analyzers that provide performance analysis information for different configuration Scenarios. For each Analyzer two folders are provided. Review the following for additional information:

Migration Information Displays performance analysis information for configuration Scenarios
SQL Analyzed Displays the SQL statements selected from the SQL Repository for analysis and the query plans for each of the Scenarios.

Right Pane

The right pane displays a variety of different information depending upon what is selected from the tree diagram in the left pane. Review the following for additional information:

Analyzers .Right Pane for Analyzers
Scenarios Analyzed Folder Right Pane for Scenarios
Scenario Right Pane for Scenarios
SQl Analyzed Folder Right Pane for SQL Analyzed Folder
SQL Statements Right Pane for SQL Statement


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