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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - User Guide

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Victim Cleans component

The Victim Cleans component displays the percentage of page cleaners invoked because a synchronous write was needed during the victim buffer replacement for the database.

Required monitor switch

Buffer Pool

Displayed statistic

At each refresh, Spotlight captures the percentage of defined page cleaners that were invoked to perform victim page cleans. A low percentage may mean that too many page cleaners have been defined. Additionally, setting the CHNGPGS_THRESH database configuration parameter too low could indicate that you may be writing out pages that you will dirty later. If this is occurring, you are limiting the effectiveness of your buffer pools. A high percentage may mean that you do not have enough page cleaners defined.

Note: Although dirty pages are written out to disk, the pages are not removed from the buffer pool right away unless the space is needed to read in new pages.

Associated drilldown

Click the Victim Cleans component to open the Databases drilldown. This drilldown provides details about database or partition that you are monitoring. The Statistics tab on the drilldown is in immediate focus so you can examine page cleaner statistics for the database or partition.


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