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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - User Guide

Spotlight on SAP ASE
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User Activity Detail age

The User Activity Page consists of three grids. It also contains the following six sub-pages:

The grids available on the User Activity Detail Page replicate much of the information that a DBA would see when using SAP sp_who stored procedure, but in a format much easier to sort through.

You can use these grids for a number of investigative routines, for example:

  • To find users who may be consuming a large amount of resources (click on "CPU Usage," "Memory Usage," or "Physical I/O" column)

  • To find all processes related to an application (click on the "Application Name" column)

  • To find all users who are being blocked at the moment (click on the "Blocked By (spid)" column)

  • To find problem users (click the "Problem Users" radio button)

Three radio buttons and a check box are displayed above the grids.

Tree View Radio Buttons

  • Blocked Process Tree - when selected, displays processes in a tree view that are blocking other processes. Use this view to find the root user in a chain of blocking processes.

  • Child Process Tree - when selected, displays in a tree view, related parent and child processes associated with parallel processing.

  • Problem Users - when selected, displays processes that have been defined as problem users

    Note: Only one of these radio buttons can be selected at one time.

Check Box

Show System Processes - if selected, the User Activity grid displays the system processes that exist in the master..sysprocesses table. By default, Spotlight filters these processes from the User Activity grid.


Grids with different fields are displayed depending on whether you select the Blocked Process Tree or Child Process Tree radio buttons and the optional Show System Processes check box, or the Problem Users radio button and the optional Show System Processes check box.


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