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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - User Guide

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Stored Procedures in Cache grid

This list shows all the objects that have query plans currently in the Procedure Cache. An object can appear multiple times if more than one process is requesting execution simultaneously.

Problems such as developers inadvertently creating a stored procedure with the "with recompile" switch turned on can be detected. This flag means that Adaptive Server never saves a plan for this procedure; a new plan is created each time it is executed. This can impact an Adaptive Server's performance if the stored procedure is highly requested.

The following table describes the columns on this grid:



Database Name

The database name where the object was created

Procedure Name

The name of the object

Execution Time The total amount of time the ASE server spent executing the stored procedure plan or tree (on ASE 16 or later) in ms.
Execution Count The number of times the stored procedure plan or tree has been executed by the ASE server since it was cached (on ASE 16 or later).
CPU Time The total number of ms of CPU time used (on ASE 16 or later).
Logical Reads The number of read pages (on ASE 16 or later).
Physical Reads The number of physical reads (on ASE 16 or later).
Physical Writes The number of physical writes (on ASE 16 or later).
Pages Written The number of written pages (on ASE 16 or later).

Memory Used (KB)

The memory needed in cache to hold the execution plan


The stored procedure or trigger

Compile Date

The date the object was last compiled

Note: Available only in Adaptive Server versions or later


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