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Spotlight on DB2 6.9.3 - User Guide

Spotlight on IBM DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix, and Windows)
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Spotlight Basics
Spotlight Connections Monitor Spotlight Connections Alarms Charts, Grids And Home Page Components View | Options Troubleshooting
Spotlight History Spotlight on Windows
Connect to Windows Systems Background Information Home Page Alarms Drilldowns View | Options Troubleshooting
Spotlight on Unix About us Third-party contributions Copyright


To print a Spotlight home page or the current drilldown

Select File | Print.

To set print options

  1. Select File | Page Setup.
  2. Set how Spotlight windows are to be printed. The results of the choices you make are shown in the Preview pane of the window.
  3. If required, click Printer... to select the printer to use when printing Spotlight pages.

To view a print preview

  1. Select File | Print Preview.
  2. Use the toolbar at the top of the Print Preview window to adjust display settings.




    Send this page to the printer.

    Page setup

    Choose how you want to print the contents of the page.

    Show one page


    Show multiple pages

    Choose how to view the preview.


    Choose how much you want to magnify the print preview to get a clear look at page details. Alternatively, move the mouse pointer over the print image, and click to magnify the image.


    Close the Print Preview window.


Related Topics

About Spotlight Grids

Component Properties - Overhead Page

Spotlight components are visual objects on the Spotlight home page and in Spotlight drilldowns that correspond to important features of the system to which Spotlight is connected. You can set the options that affect the behavior and display of Spotlight components.

Note: You can set overhead properties for the Spotlight connection as a whole. Connection Properties - Overhead Page

To set the overheads for a Spotlight component

  1. Right click the component and select Properties | Overhead
  2. Select from the Refresh setting list how often Spotlight will collect data for the category of which this Spotlight component is a member.

Refresh setting


Refresh at the default rate

Spotlight data is refreshed as per the definition in Spotlight Options. Set the rate at which data is collected

Note: In most cases (but not all) this will be at the foreground rate when the component is visible and the background rate when the component is not visible.

Always refresh at the foreground rate

Always refresh at the foreground rate, whether the data is displayed or not.

Refresh only while data is displayed on the screen

Refresh data at the foreground rate when it is visible in the Spotlight window.

Do not refresh data in this category

The data is never collected. Spotlight displays one of the following icons on components that display this category of data:

Data for this control is not available. (There are no alarms associated with this control.)

Data for this control is not available. (Alarms associated with the control are disabled.)


Related Topics

About Spotlight Grids

About Spotlight Charts

View | Options

Spotlight Basics describes how Spotlight applications work. It contains these sections:



Spotlight Connections

Create / Modify / Delete connections to systems, and monitor those systems.

Monitor Spotlight Connections Monitor connections, detect alarms, investigate the cause of alarms.

Alarms are the warnings that Spotlight raises when a metric falls outside its "normal" range of values.

Charts, Grids and Home Page Components Spotlight displays provide detailed statistics of the monitored system, relevant to diagnosing the cause of alarms. Make the best use of them.
View | Options Customize Spotlight.
Troubleshooting Solve problems using Spotlight.


Configure Spotlight - View | Options

Customize the appearance and behavior of Spotlight.

To open Spotlight options

Click View | Options

The categories you see in Spotlight depend on which Spotlight applications you have installed. This help page covers the standard categories. Individual Spotlight applications may contribute additional categories and options.

Category Description

Alarms and notifications

How Spotlight reports unexpected events for your connections.


The look and feel of Spotlight, and details of what is shown.

Data collection

When to collect data from a target system, and the best way to display it.


Password protection and user access.


How Spotlight behaves when it starts.


The locations for, and space assigned to, Spotlight history.

Note: Spotlight History is installed if you click Help | About Spotlight | Spotlight Modules and under the heading Spotlight Console see Light-weight XML repository. If your Spotlight application does NOT include the lightweight XML repository, it may employ a different method to store historical data and you should View the online help for your Spotlight application for more information.


Settings that may be needed to address Spotlight performance issues.



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