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Spotlight on DB2 6.9.3 - User Guide

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Delay in Reporting Alarms


The current displayed value of a Spotlight metric should be raising an alarm, but that alarm has not yet been reported.


There are two parts to this problem:

  • Refresh rates

    Spotlight refreshes the metric data it collects at a rate specified in Spotlight Options. In most cases (but not all) this is the foreground rate when the control is visible, or the background rate when the control is not visible. These refresh rates (which you can set) are usually set to different values, with foreground data being collected more often. Set the rate at which data is collected

  • Metric smoothing

    Spotlight uses metric smoothing (averaging) to prevent the generation of spurious alarms. It does this by averaging the data that it collects over a specified period of time. Alarm smoothing Metrics Dialog

The combination of these two features means that an alarm is raised faster for metrics in the page you are viewing than it is for those in a page that is hidden.


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Alarm Help Is Displayed Instead of The Drilldown

Spotlight can be configured to show the help or jump directly to the related drilldown on clicking a home-page control.

To show the drilldown

  1. Click View | Options.
  2. Select Alarms and notifications | Balloon help.
  3. Select Always jump directly to the related drilldown.

Build the Support Bundle

In emailing a request for assistance to Quest ( be sure to include a support bundle.

To create the support bundle

  1. Click Help | Support Bundle.
  2. Select the Spotlight application(s) whose information you want to collect.
  3. Click Collect.

    A file is created containing a snapshot of your Spotlight installation. The file is called The location of this file is C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Spotlight\Default\Support


Spotlight History

An important feature within Spotlight is the ability to display, collect and replay the behavior of a Spotlight connection at a specified point in time such as when an important alarm was raised.

Action Description
Select a connection in Spotlight Browser Live connections and click View | History Browser.

View historical snapshots for the Spotlight connection.

Note: While you are viewing historical data the connection identifier at the top right of the window indicates the date and time of the snapshot. On the Spotlight home page the console status bar indicates "History Browser".

Right click on a Spotlight home page component and select Show History

View the recent history of the Spotlight home page component.


  • Change the size of the popup chart by clicking and dragging a corner of the popup.
  • Maximize and restore the size of the chart via the Maximize chart buttons at the top right of the popup chart.
  • Zoom in on a section of the chart by clicking in the chart, and zoom out by clicking the Unzoom chart button at the top right of the popup chart.
  • Right click and drag over the chart and time axis to zoom in on a time frame.
  • Right click the chart to copy to clipboard.
From the Alarm log, right click an alarm and select Show Selected Entry In | History Browser The Alarm Log provides an easy way to view the history for a particular alarm.
Click View | Options | Storage

Configure the locations for, and space assigned to, Spotlight history.


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