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Rapid Recovery 6.3 - System Requirements Guide

License requirements

New Core users must purchase a long-term subscription or perpetual license to use Rapid Recovery.

Some Rapid Recovery Core users start with a trial license, which uses a temporary license key for the duration of the trial. After the trial period expires, you can continue to restore from existing backups, but cannot perform new backups or replication until you purchase a long-term subscription or perpetual license. You must then activate the license on the Rapid Recovery License Portal, download Rapid Recovery license files, and associate them with your Core.

For more information about licensing, see the following resources:

  • For information about activating your new license and obtaining Rapid Recovery license files for your Core, see the topic "Product licensing" in the Rapid Recovery 6.3 Release Notes.
  • For information about managing licenses from the Rapid Recovery Core, including uploading license files to associate them with the Core, see the topic "Managing Rapid Recovery licenses" in the Rapid Recovery 6.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide.
  • For information about managing license subscriptions and license groups on the license portal, see the Rapid Recovery License Portal User Guide.

Quest Support policy

For customers with a current maintenance contract, Quest Data Protection Support provides call-in or email support for the current major and minor release, when patched to the latest maintenance release. That release is known as N. Quest also fully supports N - 1, and provides limited support for N - 2.

Quest Data Protection Support may attempt to answer questions on other versions of our products, provided resources are available. However, if you are using an unsupported or discontinued version, no new patches or code fixes will be created for those versions. In such cases, we encourage you to upgrade to a currently supported version of the product.

Quest describes its product life cycle (PLC) support policy on its Support website (visit, click Product Life Cycle & Policies, and then expand the topic Product Support Life Cycle Policy). To understand full support, limited support, and discontinued support, consult the policy referenced above.

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