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Rapid Recovery 6.3 - Release Notes

Rapid Recovery 6.3 Release Notes

Rapid Recovery 6.3 Release Notes

May 2019

These release notes provide information about the Rapid Recovery release, build

Topics include:

About this release

Rapid Recovery software delivers fast backups with verified recovery for your VMs and physical servers, on-premises or remote. Rapid Recovery is software built for IT professionals who need a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use backup, replication, and recovery solution that provides protection for servers and business-critical applications like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database 12c, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint. Using Rapid Recovery, you can continuously back up and protect all your critical data and applications from a single web-based management console.

Rapid Recovery 6.3 is a minor release, with new features and functionality. See New features and Enhancements for details.

NOTE: For more information about how major, minor, and maintenance releases are differentiated, see Rapid Recovery release designations.

Some features, previously integrated software tools, or platforms are no longer supported. For more information on these items, see Deprecated features.

As a minor release, defect fixes and known issues listed in this document are not cumulative.

For information relevant for any other release, please see the edition of release notes specific to that release on the Quest technical documentation website.

Topics in this section include:

Double license consumption corrected for release 6.3

Rapid Recovery Core consumes one license from your license pool per central processor unit (CPU) socket, or one per machine protected by Rapid Recovery Agent. In the past (as represented by Rapid Recovery License Portal defect 6682), if protecting the same hypervisor in 2 Cores, twice the number of licenses were consumed.

If you protect guest VMs from the same VMware host in two separate Rapid Recovery 6.3 Cores, only a single set of licenses from your license pool (one per socket) are now consumed. This improvement in license consumption assumes the following:

  • Both Cores are part of the same Rapid Recovery License Portal group
  • Both Cores are running Rapid Recovery Core release 6.3.0 or later

If your business needs require you to protect the same VMware host in 2 separate Cores in the same license portal group, and want to reduce your license consumption, then Quest recommends upgrading both Cores to release 6.3.

Portal rebranding advisory

The QorePortal is the new name for the web portal formerly called the Quest Data Protection Portal.

The QorePortal is a web-based portal that lets organizations monitor and manage multiple Rapid Recovery Cores and protected machines from a single interface. You can monitor tasks and events, view repository status, monitor commands and system health, generate reports that span multiple Cores, and download Rapid Recovery software. QorePortal is integrated with the Rapid Recovery License Portal and vFoglight.

Licensed users of Rapid Recovery can access the QorePortal using the web address

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