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Rapid Recovery 6.3 - Installation and Upgrade Guide

Overview and System Requirements Installing Rapid Recovery Upgrading Rapid Recovery Managing Rapid Recovery licenses

Contacting the Rapid Recovery License Portal server

The Rapid Recovery Core frequently contacts the Rapid Recovery License Portal to remain current with any changes made in your licensing.

For non-trial licenses, the Rapid Recovery Core contacts the license portal once every hour. If the Core cannot reach the license portal after a 10-day grace period, the Core stops taking snapshots.

Typically, communication with the license portal server occurs automatically at designated intervals; however, you can initiate communication on-demand.

Complete the steps in this procedure to contact the license portal server.

  1. Navigate to the Rapid Recovery Core Console.
  2. On the icon bar, click [Settings]
    (Settings) , and then scroll down on the right side of the Settings page until you can see the License Server heading.
  3. From the License Server area, click Contact Now.

Viewing license information on a machine

You can view current license status information for a machine protected on the Rapid Recovery Core.

  1. From the Rapid Recovery Core Console, under Protected Machines, click the machine that you want to modify.

    The Summary page for the selected machine appears.

  2. Click the Settings menu.

    The Settings page appears, showing configuration settings for the selected machine.

  3. Click the Licensing link to scroll down to the Licensing Details section of the Settings page.

    The page refreshes, showing machine-specific licensing settings.

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