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QoreStor 7.0.1 - Installation Guide

QoreStor Statistics

The QoreStor Stats menu provides access to QoreStor system statistics. The QoreStor Stats menu includes the statistics listed below:

  • System
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Container
  • Storage Group
  • Replication
  • Cleaner
  • Clients
  • Servers
  • Seed
  • Performance tier
  • Archive Tier
  • Object container

Upgrading QoreStor

There are multiple options for upgrading your QoreStor software, allowing for flexibility to fit your environment and your comfort level with working in the Linux command line. Regardless of the method chosen, the QoreStor upgrade requires that the new binaries be downloaded from the Quest website and run on the QoreStor server. The upgrade methods accomplish this in different ways:

  • The QoreStor Menu - the QoreStor menu provides a simple, assisted method to check for available updates, download the software to the QoreStor server, and run the installer. Refer to Upgrading QoreStor Software using the QoreStor Menu
  • The QoreStor CLI - Through the QoreStor CLI you can manually upload the binaries, verify and change file permissions, and run the installer with additional parameters. Refer to Upgrading your QoreStor Software using the QoreStor Command Line
  • The QoreStor UI - In circumstances where access to the QoreStor server is restricted (or for those that choose not to upload the QoreStor binaries via the command line), you may use the QoreStor UI to upload the QoreStor binary and signature files from your workstation. After uploading the files, you must run the upgrade from the QoreStor CLI.  Refer to Upgrading QoreStor Software using the QoreStor UI.

Before upgrading, review the best practices and recommendations in Before you upgrade.

Before you upgrade

Before upgrading your QoreStor instance, please review and follow the guidelines below:

  • Make sure that all backup jobs which use the QoreStor server as a target are paused for the duration of the upgrade.
  • Make sure that the QoreStor system has at least 1GB of free space on the root partition.
  • There are some preliminary configuration steps that must be followed to prepare your DR Series for upgrade. Refer to Preparing your DR Series for migrationfor more information.

IMPORTANT:QoreStor7.0.1 includes support for VTL protocols. To upgrade to QoreStor7.0.1 and enable VTL support, you must first run ./qs_inst_7.0.1.222.bin -- --install-vtl.

For information on safely uninstalling QoreStor, refer to Uninstalling QoreStor.

If you do not wish to enable VTL support, follow the upgrade procedure below.

Upgrading QoreStor instances on Microsoft Azure

For QoreStor instances running on Microsoft Azure, perform the actions below before upgrading to

  • At the prompt, run the following commands:
    curl -o azureclient.rpm
    sudo rpm -U azureclient.rpm
    sudo yum clean all

Downloading the QoreStor Software

The QoreStor software can be downloaded from the Quest website:

Download the new QoreStor executable from the Quest Support Portal following the steps below.

  1. Log into the Quest Support Portal at
  2. In the Download Software section, click See All Downloads.
  3. Under the Platform Install section, find the row containing the appropriate version of QoreStor. Click Download.
  4. Select the appropriate QoreStor installer, and click either Download Now to download the software immediately, or Add to my Downloads.
  5. If you selected Add to my Downloads, click the My Downloads icon to view your download cart.
  6. Select the software to download and click Download Selected.
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